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Speaking during a gig in Brisbane, Australia, the 28-year-old star explained: "I was looking on Twitter last night. They don't know I have a secret account, well obviously they do now because I said that. By 'they', I mean my management. "I'm not allowed access to my own Twitter because I'm quite mouthy and I say the wrong thing a lot of the time, so they took that privilege away from me." Adele's tour of Australia has been marked by a series of confessions made by the record-breaking singer. Just recently, for instance, she confirmed her marriage to Simon Konecki while on stage in Brisbane. Introducing her song 'Someone Like You', she told the crowd: "I could see in people's eyes as they were listening to it on their headphones that it reminded them of something or someone. "I was trying to remember how it was I felt at the beginning of the relationship that inspired that record because as bad as a break up can be, as bitter and horrible and messy as it can be, that feeling when you first fall for someone is the best feeling on earth, and I am addicted to that feeling. "Obviously I can't go through with those feelings because I'm married now. I've found my next person." Adele also defended Justin Bieber after he was booed at her concert at the home loan for doctor Oak Laurel 0430129662 ANZ Stadium in Sydney.